05. – 06. studenog 2020. u Zagrebu


Today, more than ever, Croatia faces numerous demographic and socio-economic challenges in the broadest sense. Although Croatia is located on the immigration continent as a country, experience to date has shown that the only real migration source to mitigate negative demographic trends is its expatriate citizens and their descendants. 

For generations, emigrants have transferred their biological, professional and cultural potential to other countries, enriching their countries of immigration. However, throughout the long expatriate history of Croatia there have always been return flows of varying intensity and diverse experiences and success. In addition to emotional and nostalgic motives, returnees can be attracted by economic factors and to certain elements pertaining to the quality of life in Croatia (safety, more relaxed lifestyles, scenery, climate, etc.). Return migration is a complex process that integrates the emigration and immigration experience and cannot be viewed outside the Croatian social, political and economic context. 

Sustainability of return depends on a number of factors, such as the active role of state institutions, the legal framework, the existence and implementation of directed public policies, economic opportunities, then family opportunities, as well as the efforts of returnees and the descendants of immigrants to integrate into Croatian society as successfully as possible. The experience of returnees with specialised knowledge can be a strong impetus for the development of the Croatian economy, and in order to harness the existing potential, rapid and concrete measures that are needed to attract them. It is our wish to provide an opportunity, in the scientific section of the Congress, for an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary analysis of return, and to provide an opportunity to share experiences and practices in the professional part of Congress. This approach carries the potential of discovering information of paramount importance, which can then be used in strategic public policy planning and in addressing current returns issues. 

The main topics of the Congress are: 
1. The relationship between work and entrepreneurship in the return process 
2. Institutional support for return 
3. Return from an historical perspective 
4. Youth education and return 
5. Cultural politics and identities as part of one’s return 
6. Demographic aspects of return 
7. The role of the Catholic Church in preserving identity 
8. Preserving Croatian national identity in the Diaspora through church, culture, language and sport 

The list of topics does not restrict you from suggesting a new topic from your discipline or profession. The working languages ​​of the conference are Croatian and English. 


30.4.2020. Abstract deadline

05 – 06 November.2020. 4th Croatian Diaspora Congress


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