05 – 06 November 2020, Zagreb

Abstract submission


1. Apply using our online application form (REGISTRATION)  

2. Submit a summary of your lecture and a short bio. The abstract be no longer than 250 words and should include: the title of the paper, the name of the author, your institution (if appropriate) and 5-7 keywords. 

Email your abstract to marinsopta@hotmail.com or tanja.troselj@gmail.com by April 30, 2020, or submit your abstract when registering online. 

The working languages ​​of the conference are Croatian and English. 

Papers from the Congress will subsequently be published in the Proceedings.

The main topics of the Congress are:

1. The relationship between work and entrepreneurship in the return process

2. Institutional support for return  

3. Return from an historical perspective  

4. Youth education and return  

5. Cultural politics and identities as part of one’s return

6. Demographic aspects of return

7. The role of the Catholic Church in preserving identity

8. Preserving Croatian national identity in the Diaspora through church, culture, language and sport